Eboni Montsho

Project Manager.  Author.  Speaker.  Entrepreneur.

​  Eboni Montsho is teasingly referred to by colleagues, clients and friends alike with the same descriptive moniker: Olivia Pope. When they do, they are making reference to Eboni’s uncanny talent for taking seemingly chaotic and unwinnable situations and finding workable solutions for them.  For this pro, managing complex challenges is all in a day's work.
Book collaboration projects are beautifully complicated, with a lot of moving parts and people. There are many tasks, timelines, calendars and deadlines… not to mention the things that might go wrong and what should be done about it if that happens.  At times like these, when most writers will throw up their hands in exasperation, Eboni throws on her white hat and goes to work!

Plans, processes and productivity are Eboni's superpowers and her skills and expertise deliver what is needed to stay on track for success.

A single point of communication and accountability helps to get everyone on the same page and keep things moving in the right direction. Eboni’s work ensures that Write That Book Now book projects stay organized and in the best order possible.  Whether you are a featured author in a collaboration or the lead collaborator in a project of your own, you will have her to make sure that the project goals are achieved.
 When your book project is managed properly, there’s a positive impact that reverberates beyond delivery of your end-product.  You also receive the deep satisfaction and increased confidence that comes from achieving what many people only dream of: your book in print.