Christina Brownlow

Book Coach.   Author.   Speaker.   Entrepreneur.

Christina Atkins is no stranger to struggle or success.  Her book, "Sex Slave", chronicles her journey through many generational curses to her triumphant success as a business owner, motivational speaker and philanthropist. 

Although she knew the power of her story could be an inspiration to others, Christina found that sharing her story through writing wasn’t easy. Organizing your ideas is even more challenging if you are a busy professional. Between the multiple demands of running her tax business, her non-profit organization and her household, sitting down with paper and pen was often placed on the back burner.

Through her own book-writing experience, she discovered methods and tools that helped her to accelerate her writing process.  With her as your book coach, Christina can help you do it, too.

Christina applies her extensive knowledge and experience in project management to each book project and the results are, simply, amazing!

Her down-to-earth, relatable interpersonal style helps you to stop talking about it and start writing about it.
She will show you how to break your project down into doable chunks so that you will have achievable steps to follow, whether you are on a train or plane, at the office or at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Wherever you are in your writing process, Christina’s roadmap can guide you to the next level!

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